Sunday, February 19, 2012

December Fun!

Yes, I know it is February! I am more than a little behind on our blog as usual. I'm almost done with 2011, that count's for something right? No? Oh well, Maybe someday I'll learn to schedule my time better, but for now,it will have to do. We had so much fun in December. We didn't have as much going on as we usually do. but we did so many of the little things that bring us together as a family. Brinlee sang at our hometown Christmas celebration with her 4th Grade class.
We hung out with Cousins.
We decorated Christmas cookies. Notice that Liam's was gone before I could even take a picture.
Bronwyn Helped Maeli to decorate the tree in her room. It was undecorated by Maeli about 5 minutes later.
Brinlee Had her first official Choir concert as a member of the Morgan Valley Voices Childrens Choir. They did a great job. She has really enjoyed choir. We are so grateful to Heidi, the director, for starting it. Here is Brinlee in all her beauty.
Parker had his first Middle School band concert. He plays the trumpet and is really enjoying it.
December is always so fun. We had a great month leading up to Christmas. We hope you did too.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Liam's Baptism

On December 3rd Our little buddy Liam was baptized. Liam is such a wonderful little man. He is growing so much and is such a blessing in our lives. It was a wonderful day. Our ward's baptisms were the first ones scheduled for the day. There were two children from our ward getting baptized that day, Liam and a little girl named Emma.This is a picture of Liam right before we left to go to the church.
A few days before the baptism I had mentioned that I probably wouldn't put up the Christmas decorations until after the baptism, so we would would have more room to put tables up and fit everyone in. Liam then told me that he really wanted to have the tree and decorations up for his big day, so I quickly put up most of the decorations. The program before the baptism went well. Our bishop had assigned Parker to talk about baptism and Emma's brother Tyler to talk on the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I said a prayer and My dad and Brother were the witnesses. Ryan was the one to baptize Liam. Our family is so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and father who also holds the Lord's Priesthood worthily.
After the program, the baptism itself and the confirmation, we took some pictures with the family.
Then headed back to our house for some food :)
We can't forget the fun with the aunts uncles and cousins! It turned out to be a great day, Liam loved it which is what matters. We enjoyed spending time with those that could make it, and know many more were there in spirit. We are so proud of Liam for making the decision to be baptized. We know that if he follows the Lord, his life will be blessed. We look forward to the many events still to come involving our LB (little buddy).