Friday, December 23, 2011


We are not a family that is known for going on many vacations. If we go at all it usually just a short stay at Bear Lake or somewhere nearby. This summer we decided that the kids were getting bigger and maybe we should go on a longer vacation and take them somewhere they had never been before. I was thinking somewhere like Zions or Bryce Canyon in southern Utah. Ryan was thinking more like Sea World. Guess which one the kids wanted to do? We took two days to drive to California, stopping in St. George for the night. We met up with my cousin Josh and his family & visited the temple grounds there.

The next evening we made it to our hotel and went to visit La Jolla cove. The kids loved seeing the ocean for the first time. The sea lions were out on the rocks. and we played in the surf for a minute before heading back to our hotel for the night.

We visited Sea World, The kids loved the shows. Shamu was wonderful of course, but I think the Sea Lions Live show was every one's favorite. Maeli especially loved the "sea puppies". We also were able to see the Dolphin show. All the animals were magnificent.

When we first got there the kids wanted to go on the Journey to Atlantis roller coaster. I was excited to go with them. Ryan stayed on the ground with Maeli who was too small, and Parker who doesn't like heights. It was a scary ride!!! It cured the kids of all roller coasters forever I think!

We also visited Legoland. I think it was as much or more fun than Sea World. The kids really liked it there.

There were so many displays and rides. Ryan loved miniland, especially all the Star Wars displays. I think he could have spent all day there, figuring out the many techniques used to build such intricate items.

The kids really enjoyed the rides.

Maeli was not quite as entertained as at Sea World, but she was still a good girl for having to sit in the stroller all day.

Our last day in California we returned to Sea World and then went to the beach.
There were riptides that day, the kids were a little disappointed that the lifegaurds were telling people to not go further than waist deep. They still had fun though.

The ride home wasn't quite as exciting for the kids. They were fairly worn out from all our adventures.

The last night we pulled into St. George on our way home. We took the kids to winger's for dinner, went swimming in the hotel pool and went to bed. It was a great vacation. We had a wonderful time spending a week with just our little family and no one else. Hopefully we will be able to do it again sometime in the near future.

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