Friday, December 23, 2011

Fall 2011

Well, I am almost caught up blogging about 2011. Yay! Fall is my favorite season. I love when the weather turns cool. It makes me want to bake a loaf or two of bread, put a pot of soup on, decorate the house and just spend time with my family and friends. We had a wonderful fall season. Fall is back to school time of course. The kids like school and are usually ready to go back, this year they weren't as excited. Once it was time though, they were ready.

Somehow Parker escaped having his picture taken. I guess he's too cool for that.

Fall is also soccer season around here. Parker, Liam and Bronwyn all played. Parker is on a Comp team this year so we did a lot of following him around to two games a week.

This is what the rest of the kids do while Parker plays.

Parker had also been working on his Hiking merit badge all summer with his scout troop. Their last hike had to be a 20 mile one. It ended up being about 23 miles. His leader asked all the parents to be there at the end to cheer for the boys. We figured out that between pioneer trek, scout camp and his hiking merit badge requirements, Parker hiked between 70 and 80 miles this summer and fall.

Of course, fall means birthdays at our house! In October we celebrated Brinlee turning 10 and Bronwyn turning six. Bronwyn doesn't really like cake so she asked if she could have something else instead. I ended up making her a giant cookie and Brinlee decided that was what she wanted too.

Right after the girls birthdays was halloween. Unfortunately Parker had the flu and had a pretty lousy day not getting to do anything but lay around. The rest of the kids had a great time.

In November we celebrated Liam's eighth birthday, he was so excited to turn eight and get baptized. More about that in the next post. He had a great day celebrating with family.

Well, I think that about covers our fall events. I am actually caught up to December! I will post about Liams baptism and some of our december goings on soon.


We are not a family that is known for going on many vacations. If we go at all it usually just a short stay at Bear Lake or somewhere nearby. This summer we decided that the kids were getting bigger and maybe we should go on a longer vacation and take them somewhere they had never been before. I was thinking somewhere like Zions or Bryce Canyon in southern Utah. Ryan was thinking more like Sea World. Guess which one the kids wanted to do? We took two days to drive to California, stopping in St. George for the night. We met up with my cousin Josh and his family & visited the temple grounds there.

The next evening we made it to our hotel and went to visit La Jolla cove. The kids loved seeing the ocean for the first time. The sea lions were out on the rocks. and we played in the surf for a minute before heading back to our hotel for the night.

We visited Sea World, The kids loved the shows. Shamu was wonderful of course, but I think the Sea Lions Live show was every one's favorite. Maeli especially loved the "sea puppies". We also were able to see the Dolphin show. All the animals were magnificent.

When we first got there the kids wanted to go on the Journey to Atlantis roller coaster. I was excited to go with them. Ryan stayed on the ground with Maeli who was too small, and Parker who doesn't like heights. It was a scary ride!!! It cured the kids of all roller coasters forever I think!

We also visited Legoland. I think it was as much or more fun than Sea World. The kids really liked it there.

There were so many displays and rides. Ryan loved miniland, especially all the Star Wars displays. I think he could have spent all day there, figuring out the many techniques used to build such intricate items.

The kids really enjoyed the rides.

Maeli was not quite as entertained as at Sea World, but she was still a good girl for having to sit in the stroller all day.

Our last day in California we returned to Sea World and then went to the beach.
There were riptides that day, the kids were a little disappointed that the lifegaurds were telling people to not go further than waist deep. They still had fun though.

The ride home wasn't quite as exciting for the kids. They were fairly worn out from all our adventures.

The last night we pulled into St. George on our way home. We took the kids to winger's for dinner, went swimming in the hotel pool and went to bed. It was a great vacation. We had a wonderful time spending a week with just our little family and no one else. Hopefully we will be able to do it again sometime in the near future.

Summer 2011

Summer started off with a retirement ceremony at the elementary school for Grandma London. She will surely be missed there. She has touched so many students lives over the years. We were blessed that Brinlee was able to be in her class for second grade a few years ago. It was always so nice to know that when our kids were at school they had Grandma nearby.

Our good friends Evelyn Stevens and Claudia Davis also retired after many years of teaching.

The kids got out of school for summer and were so excited. June 10th was declared Brinlee and Brony Day by the girls. They dressed up and did their hair and nails. Made up dances and played all their favorite games.

We had quite a few lemonade stands over the summer. Some even featured cookies and cupcakes for sale.

In June Parker went on Pioneer Trek. He had a great experience and it was a real testimony builder for him to see the hardships they endured. He came home from trek and had to go to scout camp a week after that. He also spent some time camping in the Uintas with his friend Kade's family. Thanks to Reeni and Lance for putting up with him for 5 days! It seems like he was gone for most of the summer.

The fourth of July is always fun here in Morgan. The parade is always a favorite, the kids come away with a TON of candy each year. Parker drove the "train" for all the kids. The kids love going to the park and getting sprayed by the fire engine. Parker and I went to a free Jon Schmidt concert that the community put on at the high school. We Always have a great time hanging out with family and eating to our hearts (and stomach's) content.

We did so many things over the summer. It is so fun to have the kids home. I love spending time with them. I am realizing more and more how quickly time passes. I am so blessed to be able to stay home and care for my family each and every day.

Spring 2011

Spring is such a fun time. Ours started out with our little Maeli turning one! I can't believe how quickly time flies. She is such a fun addition to our family. She is adored by one and all and definitely came to us with a fun personality. I can't imagine our family without her in it. She wasn't too excited about the tradition of diggging in to her first birthday cake. She daintily poked at it with a fork for quite a while though.

Maeli Shared her birthday party with Grandpa. Their birthdays are only two days apart.

Over spring break we took the kids to see Temple Square in the spring. They had fun climbing the steps at the conference center and seeing the visitors center displays.

We also went to the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Lancaster. The Zoo carousel was a hit and of course the kids loved seeing the animals

Easter was a great time to reflect upon our Savior's ressurection and do all those fun easter activities we do each year. The easter egg hunt is always so much fun for the kids. We love seeing cousins and just hanging out with family.

We had a wonderful spring filled with so many activities. These are just a few of our favorites.

Winter 2010-2011

Well, winter was fun as usual last year. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and Parker's birthday all in a row.We had to buy new stockings because of the addition of our little Maeli.

We had a great time visiting Temple Square and seeing all the lights. The kids really enjoyed it, it had been a few years since we last went. I think we will have to make it a yearly tradition from now on.

Ryan recieved a new calling in December. He was called to be a clerk to a member of our stake presidency. Our stake presidency each have their own clerk in addition to the other Stake clerks. It keeps Ryan very busy, but we are so blessed by his service to them and our Lord.

In January, Parker turned twelve and moved up to young men's. He was able to recieve the Aaronic Priesthood from his dad. It was a very special thing and we are grateful that he was not only willing but excited to recieve it. The spirit in our home has been multiplied having two faithful priesthood holders in our family.