Friday, October 29, 2010

Spa day Anyone?

On Wednesday we had Brinlee's friend party for her 9th birthday. We haven't had a friend party for a few years. This year She decided she wanted it to be a spa party. The Girls all walked home with Brinlee after school. We had some snacks laid out for them, which no one really wanted because they just wanted to get the party Started!

The girls were so excited! First we gave them each a headband to hold back their hair and they put a face mask on. It was quite a feat to fit everybody in the bathroom at the same time.

while their face masks dried we played a game that was similar to musical chairs, but you pass different color nail polishes around the table and when the music stops you fist of all, shriek as loud as you can, and then paint one nail with that color. Repeat nine more times and don't forget the high-pitched girly screams.

After their nails dried a little, we washed off the face masks. Then the girls got down to business personalizing their own sleeping masks, making orange scented bath salts and beading bracelets. We just had enough time to open presents and eat cupcakes and ice cream before the party was over.

I think the girls had a good time, and Brinlee loved it so I guess it was worth all the time and effort it took to put together. Happy Birthday Brinlee, We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Brinlee! You've been a busy mom with two birthday parties this week! Looks like lots of fun.

  2. Happy Birthday Brinlee! It looks like you had a fun birthday! We can't wait to see you soon.

  3. My girls had a blast! Thanks for being so great!