Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Bear Beach"

Since we visited Bear Lake a few years ago the kids have been begging to go back. Every now and then Bronwyn will ask when we can go to "Bear Beach" again. So, while Ryan's brother Mark and his family were up from Arizona we decided it would be a great time to go. It was us, Mark's Family and Ryan's sister Becca and her Family. Thanks to Bec and Phill we scored a great condo and we all went up and stayed overnight. We had so much fun. We tried to conquer all 28" of the "old Ephraim" pizza at Bear Lake PizzaWe didn't quite finish it all! The kids liked the rides they had there as well. We bought some yummy treats at their chocolate shop too
We spent most of the time on the beach just hanging out with the kids. The water level was so high this year that you could wade forever before it got too deep. It was perfect for little and big kids alike. We had a lot of fun and definitely plan to return next summer. Hopefully for more than one night.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summit 2010

Way back in April,(I know, I'm way behind on posts)Ryan and I went on a trip to Scottsdale Arizona. The trip was paid for by AT&T as a reward for all of Ryan's hard work.(See the last post for more about that) We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa.

It was super nice, and we were definitely taken care of. When we arrived we were greeted by a whole committee of people, who's only job was to take care of our every need. For the next four days, everywhere we went there were people waiting to direct us where to go and what was next on the agenda. Every time we wondered what we needed to do, or if something was going to be taken care of, they were there to help. We attended some great parties,and an awesome awards banquet. We went shopping in Old Town Scottsdale, and ate a wonderful catered dinner out in the middle of the Desert of all places!


It was great to spend time together as a couple, we don't get too many chances for that anymore. We were able to just take a walk together, and have a whole conversation without being interrupted every two minutes. We ate whole meals where nobody ate off our plates but us!

I got to know some of Ryan's coworkers better, and met others for the first time. The company was so nice to all of us who were just along for the ride. They made sure to acknowledge us and our contributions behind the scenes. Each night when we returned to our room there were gifts laid out on our bed. We were so blessed to be able to go.

Our mom's and our friend Lisa split the kid duty, making it easy to not worry about anything back home. We are so grateful to everyone who made this trip possible, and I am especially grateful to my hard working hubby. He does so much for me and our family. someday I hope to be as awesome as he is!